For Tamille Palmer, keeping fit with her Live Life, Get Active community is an important part of her busy routine.

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In the Newcastle suburb of Charlestown, Tamille’s life is non-stop. As a part-time nurse with five-year-old twins and a shift-working husband, the time she’s able to spend on herself might seem non-existent. But on a grassy area next to the Charlestown pool, she’s found a community of people who are working towards health and wellbeing.

Live Life Get Active is committed to creating healthier and happier communities by offering free group exercise classes at over 100 locations around the country. Medibank is proud to be its National Health and Wellbeing partner, providing education and resources to support participants like Tamille on their path to better health. Find out more about Medibank’s partnership with Live Life Get Active.

Fitness, family and finding balance

Tamille’s commitments to work and family haven’t kept her from finding a little ‘me time’. In February of 2018, she came across an ad in her local paper for a Live Life Get Active camp in her area. The organisation offers free, outdoor exercise classes. She immediately thought, “This will be great, I’ll give it a try," and shortly after, she joined the Live Life Get Active community.

For Tamille, one of the most enticing aspects of Live Life Get Active was how easily the sessions could fit into her routine. She’d been looking into various fitness classes previously, but was struggling to find anything that would work with her lifestyle. “I’d always been looking to do a group fitness or a boot camp style thing, but nothing fit,” she says. The Monday to Friday morning sessions of her local camp meant that, “it fit into my busy schedule of being able to drop the kids off at school and get to the session.” She also admits there were some other positives that enticed her. “Firstly, free. Secondly, outdoors. I really enjoy exercising outside.”

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For a young parent of twins, the knowledge that she could bring them along provided another level of relief. “At that point, my kids weren’t at school. That was a really big plus that I could bring them along... and they could play while we did the exercise.” With such a strong sense of community, Tamille and the other parents at her camp felt like they could enjoy the workout without leaving their children. She says the camp even provided a fitness routine for her kids, as they played soccer while she trained.

The member mix

With a revolving session plan of circuit training, boxing and yoga, the group has close to a maximum of 30 members joining in on any given day. Tamille says that there is a mix of men, women, retirees and parents, and she’s even spotted some young women bringing their dads along to help them get into shape. In terms of her own health, Tamille has found the camps to be a great outlet for her stress, and she’s noticed a dramatic change in her general fitness levels. As a young mum, she’s also found that she’s “got a lot of that strength back that you [can] lose through pregnancy.”

Each Live Life Get Active session is hosted by a personal trainer, and for the Charlestown community, their regular leader is Matt. Tamille has found him inspiring, saying that “I know you can do it” is one of his constant rallying cries. Hosting sessions with members stretching across a broad range of abilities and ages, he has to push each individual to achieve their best.

The support of a professional coach is another reason Tamille keeps returning, although she says she feels bad for him at times because of how friendly her local group is. “Our poor trainer has to keep telling us to stop chatting!”

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The Live Life lifestyle

Tamille has enjoyed the camps so much that she’s encouraged her friends to join. “[I said] look, come and give it a go. This fits. Come along.” The friends she’s recommended it to have similar schedules and the same requirements in terms of their routines. As Tamille says, “[they’re in] a similar situation to me – part-time, kids...” But her friendship circle also looks to be growing, as her calendar fills up with coffee and dinner dates with new friends from the camps. In fact, when asked to share one of her highlights of her time as a Live Life Get Active member, Tamille’s answer is simple. Even though she loves the boxing and cross training, it’s “probably when everybody sings ‘happy birthday’ to you... It’s special.”

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