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5 fitness products to power up your workout

Give your exercise routine a refresh with the latest tech and gadgets.

We all know you don’t need fancy gear and gadgets to exercise. A pair of runners, an outdoor space, an awesome playlist and you’re good to go. But sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have something new and shiny to push you to go harder, faster and better. And hey, it definitely doesn’t hurt to look.

Here are the top new fitness products we’ve got our eyes on right now.

1. Jabra Sport Pulse wireless headphones

If you need that beat to keep your workout pulsing, wireless headphones are no doubt an essential item in your sports bag. And luckily, there are plenty of wireless, waterproof, and sand and dust resistant sports headphones on the market. These clever headphones take it one step further though, with an in-built heart rate monitor that measures from your inner ear, helping you maximise your training. Delivering clinical-grade accuracy, these earbuds are perfect for the serious runner who wants to keep their heart rate in the right zone.

2. DoubleFlex by Oyo Fitness

Get those muscles working with a training device developed for astronauts. The DOUBLEFLEX, originally designed for NASA, provides both abduction and adduction resistance during a single exercise motion. With over 75 different exercises you can try, this portable device helps you build lean muscle, without the safety risks of lifting weights. It’s so brand new it’s not quite here yet – but you can preorder yours now for delivery in August. 

3. 2XU MCS

All about compression? 2XU’s next generation tights have your name all over them.  Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) is the most advanced compression sportswear yet, designed for maximum performance, in any sport. Combined with 2XU’s vigorous PWX proprietary fabric, that’s some pretty powerful stuff. Flexible and breathable, the MCS compression tights are a revolutionary fabric support system designed to trace over key muscle, tendon and fascia groups to give you a high level of support, allowing you to go harder while protecting against muscle trauma and boosting recovery post-workout.

4. AthLights

Run, walk or cycle at night with the confidence that you’re visible to any oncoming traffic. AthLights are tiny but seriously bright LED lights that attach anywhere on your clothes, making you visible in the dark for up to 200 m. The lights weigh just 8.5 g, so you’ll hardly feel them, and as they attach using super strong magnets, you don’t have to worry about poking holes in your clothes. Plus they’re sweat and rain resistant, and powered by 40-hour replaceable batteries – durable, compact and powerful.


5. Polar V650 Cycling Computer

This is the smartest cycling device yet. The Polar v650 Cycling Computer tracks your ride with integrated GPS, providing feedback to help you analyse each aspect of your ride and improve your performance. Follow your progress on the large colour touch screen, and receive accurate altitude data with the built-in barometric pressure sensor. Plus, the gadget is compatible with Polar heart rate sensors to complete the picture of your ride. It’s not a cheap investment, but if you really love to ride this may just be the gadget of your dreams.

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