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    Autumn fitness gear

    Look, feel and dress the part while working out. Medibank member Nick tries out some swish new gear.

    Asics Noosa Tri 9

    This shoe is legendary amongst triathletes and ironmen and I was excited to give them a go. Firstly they are bright – so you have to be ready to back it up! As a regular Asics wearer they felt comfortable straight away. You definitely notice the little differences that make it such a popular tri shoe – the open mesh keeps them dry and superlight and the grip tabs on the heel and tongue help you get them on and off quickly.


    Garmin swim watch

    I have used devices that measure and monitor riding and running for years and this is the first time I have used a swim device. I honestly don’t know how I have lived without it! Forget about counting and timing laps as you follow the black line. It provides really useful stats like strokes per lap and all of your splits – the data provided is incredible. And one feature that blew my mind was that it knew what stroke I was doing – so as you split sets with backstroke or breaststroke, it notes this.


    2XU ¾ Trainer Form Tight

    I must admit I own a lot of these tights! I have found there are generally two types – the super functional and unattractive and the stylish but not so functional! This is where these tights were different – they look great, fit even better and whether you are doing a hardcore boxing session or walking the tan with a friend, they do the job.


    Strava Cycling and Running app

    There are loads of apps around that measure and record cycling and running training. For me, Strava is by far the best. All you need is a smart device (I use my iPhone) and the app and you can start recording all of your training. As my training partner recently moved to Sydney, it’s good way to follow each other and compare our training.



    adidas Springblade

    These futuristic looking new shoes from adidas certainly catch the eye! The Springblade is their latest running shoe and is designed to propel you forward and give you some solid spring. The shoes feel genuinely different to any shoe I have ever worn and you notice the ‘blades’ giving you a little extra back when you pound the pavement.


    Speedo Aquapulse goggles

    To be honest, I have never thought much about goggles. I usually buy whatever is at the local pool and I tend to misplace them often. As my swimming training has increased, I decided to step up and try a new pair. The Aquapulse goggles are unbelievable. So much more comfortable than anything I have ever worn. Sure the main thing is they keep the water out, but when you are in the pool for an hour or longer, comfort becomes super important. Spend a few extra bucks – these are worth it.


    2XU A:1 active wetsuit

    I had never worn a full body swim wetsuit before, so I don’t have a lot to compare this with. But I will say it was very comfortable. It is quite a skill to fit them, so definitely pop into a 2XU store and get some advice and once you have your size get out in the ocean! The buoyancy they provide is one thing, but it’s the fit and feel that makes the difference. With the A:1 you wont have your stroke restricted.


    New Balance 980 | Fresh Foam

    The latest shoes from New Balance have a distinct lightness and cushion to them. They feel soft on the foot and fit snugly giving a great feel and nice ride. I took them out for a few training runs – they have plenty of spring and absorption and they felt comfortable throughout the runs, which were around 12kms on average.


    Giant Propel Advanced SL 1

    One thing you notice when you get into triathlon and ironman is that you get pretty addicted to the gear and technology. I have always ridden bikes but now I appreciate the differences across bikes. The Propel was a step up for me but you notice the difference. The comfort and performance difference is notable and I found myself averaging a few km/hour quicker on the Propel. It’s a great option for those doing a mix of lots of road clicks and longer triathlon events.


    2XU Tapered Track Pant

    If you’re doing a fair bit of training, you will realise how important a comfy pair of tracksuit pants are. These ones have a tapered design, so you can actually be active in them, and are great for a workout on a chilly morning. If you’re doing a core or stretching session, they come in handy and they’re perfect post workout when you wander down to a local café for a coffee and newspaper session!


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