2019 |Annual Review
  • 01 Our customers
  • 02 Our people
  • 03 Our community

Culture front and centre

Our culture is unique to Medibank – it’s who we are and is our competitive advantage. It guides how we turn up for work each day, drives our decision making and anchors us to our purpose and strategy.

It also helps us assess and manage risks effectively, so we can all do the right thing for our people, customers and the community.

Customers are at the centre of our culture. Our Customer Obsessed program is connecting employees with customers at regular opportunities throughout the year – which our leadership team and Board all participate in.

Our culture is built on ensuring every employee can make an impact. Our people know what our purpose is and how they contribute to it. We invest in their development and recognise and reward performance – in line with our values.

We value our people and the work they do each day. We’re supporting them to perform at their best, through flexible working arrangements and with one of Australia’s leading parental leave policies. Not only is this flexibility helping us attract and retain the best talent, it’s driving higher engagement among our people, with Medibank continuing to track above the Australian average.