Packed with health advice, access to a unique learning space, recipes and lifestyle tips – Live Better is the place to inspire a healthier, happier you.

be. magazine

Supercharge your lifestyle with recipes, workout tips and wellbeing inspiration.

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Health Brief

Your health matters. Stay on top with expert insights, advice and information.

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Member Offers

Discounts, deals and exclusive offers from big name brands.

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My Medibank

Get more from your health cover, with offers, advice and support in one spot.

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be. magazine

Packed with health advice, wellbeing stories and delicious food ideas, Medibank’s be. magazine is the perfect companion for your balanced lifestyle.


Kilojoules burned during exercise calculator

Learn about kilojoules burned during exercise. Read more


10 ways to bring mindfulness into your day

Simple ways to welcome mindfulness into your life. Read more


4 Things That Make Gymbetter The Gym Revolution

If our new GymBetter program is all sounding a little too good to be true, read this. Spoiler alert: it’s… Read more

Health Brief

A wealth of expert information and advice, driven by insights from the latest research and data on the health of Australians.


Common injuries from childbirth

Conditions facing women after a vaginal childbirth. Read more

Health Insights

More than 1 million Aussies iron deficient

Data shows iron deficiency has increased in recent years. Read more


Find out when you are most fertile

Use our ovulation calculator to find your fertile window. Read more

School of Better

The School of Better is a free online learning space dedicated to health and wellbeing, with three departments: Food, body and mind.


All about gut health

In these 3 interactive lessons Billy Falkingham takes you through the fascinating process of digestion, and all the factors that… Read more


Understanding genetics

Dr Bridie O’Donnell shares incredible insights about genetics, what our family history can mean for us and the study of… Read more


Positive psychology 101

Psychologist and mind expert Emily Toner introduces you to positive psychology and how you can hack your happiness with the… Read more


Planning for pregnancy

Trying to get pregnant? This course preps you on how to optimise your fertility, how to prepare your body for… Read more

My Medibank

Expert advice on how to use, choose and make the most of your health cover.


What are ‘out-of-pocket’ costs?

What they are and what you can do to reduce them. Read more


Private health insurance myths and facts

Private health insurance myths and misconceptions. Read more

Using Your Cover

Does your cover support your health goals this year?

Check that your health cover matches your health and wellbeing goals. Read more

Member Offers

This is where Medibank members can find exclusive offers and discounts from some of our big name brand partners.

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