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    A-Z of summer fruits and veggies

    Here's some of the top colourful, summer gems we’ll be filling our kitchens (and bellies) with

    The summer fruit bowl positively brims with goodness – delectable berries, fresh melons and rosy tomatoes. Inspired, we’ve compiled an alphabetical shopping list of all that’s blooming this season, including some delicious accompaniments for our trickier letters.

    Asian greens – A fresh, vibrant addition to any summer salad.

    Blackberries – The stuff of picking adventures and sweet, sticky hands.

    Cucumber – Cooling and refreshing, the very antidote to a heat wave.

    Dates – Rich, energising and an exotic addition to barbequed meats.

    Eggplant – A deep, dark nightshade that works beautifully stuffed and cooled.

    Fennel – Simple sliced in salads, alongside fresh fish or as a crunchy side.

    Grapes – Frozen, fresh or tossed through rice salad with crumbled feta.

    Honeydew melon – Ripe and fragrant, keep chilled in the fridge for dessert.

    Ice-cubed fruit Your own frozen ice-treats to cool off in the heat of the day.

    Jelly – Wobbly trifle, fancy gooseberry or frog in a pond – a summer treasure.

    Kohlrabi – Snaffle the last of the spring veggies with a raw kohlrabi salad.

    Leeks – Be it the base ingredient or the star of a dish, a textural delight.

    Mango – The flavour of summer, say no more.

    Nectarines – Juicy fruits to add to lunchboxes, slice in salads or top a flan.

    Okra – Fried, pickled or grilled, a taste of the east in your summer repertoire.

    Peaches – Furry golden delights, the nectar of the season.

    Quinoa – Toss through salads for a dose of nuttiness and texture.

    Rhubarb – Poached, spiced or simmered in a relish – a sweet, tarty summer treat.

    Strawberries – Blitz in smoothies, slice over cereal or nosh on the go.  

    Tomatoes – Ripe and bursting with flavour, the very essence of summer.

    Umeboshi plums – Salty, pickled Japanese fruits offering a flavour pop in rice balls.

    Vermicelli noodles – Whip up a batch for rice paper rolls or a fresh Vietnamese salad.

    Watermelon – No summer fridge worth its weight is missing a wedge

    Xtra cherries – Taking alphabet liberties here, but you can’t have enough cherries!

    Yoghurt (frozen) – Top with fresh berries for dessert on balmy summer nights.

    Zucchini – Perfect shaved in salad, grilled on the BBQ or baked in frittatas.

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