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A spin class with a fresh twist

Medibank member Lib gives boutique Melbourne spin studio KX Cycle a whirl.

As we emerge from winter, many of us will be looking for new ways to breathe life into an exercise routine that has faltered during the colder months.

If you’re anything like me, it is all too easy to make excuses for letting exercise drop off, especially when the days are shorter and darker, and the cold makes activities like cycling fairly unappealing.

Lucky for us, there are people like Ali Rosenberg and Eli Censor, founders of the new KX Cycle group classes, keeping exercise fresh, interesting and fun, and leaving the rest of us running out of excuses.

When it comes to exercising, boredom is the enemy of motivation and I find the only to stay interested is to have variety – not always easy when group exercise has been dominated by the handful of Les Mills classes for as long as I can remember.

With that in mind, Ali and Eli have created an indoor cycle class unlike any spin class I’ve ever been to. KX cycle is 45 minutes of total body conditioning, with hand weights and choreography designed to work your core.

“Exercise should be fun, to keep you coming back. It’s not supposed to be so hard that it makes you feel sick. Why would anyone want to keep doing that?”

The tunes are banging and I’m told they change from class to class, so you won’t tire of hearing the same old set every session. Each of the teachers at the Richmond studio brings their own style to the class, so you can try them all and find one whose taste in tunes gets you going. Requests are welcome too – just chalk them up on the studio board to have them played in upcoming classes.

Ali came up with the idea for KX Cycle when she returned to Australia after two years living in New York.

“Group exercise in New York is totally different. It is just more fun, more engaging and more about providing a great service for the customer,” she says. “Exercise should be fun, to keep you coming back. It’s not supposed to be so hard that it makes you feel sick. Why would anyone want to keep doing that?”

If gyms just aren’t for you (yet another of my excuses), you might be pleasantly surprised to enter the spa-like environment of the KX Cycle studio, which feels less like a gym and more like a health retreat.

The logistics of having to pack outfits, toiletries, footwear, towels and make-up can make squeezing exercise into an already packed day seem impossible, and it’s an excuse I’ve often used for not doing it.

But the KX Cycle studio has us covered on that front, with its sparkling clean and well-appointed showers and dressing rooms. They have thought of everything you want pre and post workout: from shampoo, body wash and skin products to deodorant, hairdryers and even hair straighteners.

And don’t worry about having to lug your equipment around with you all day, KX provides everything you need for classes including cycle shoes, fresh sweat towels on every bike, and hand weights.

If, like many of KX studio’s members, you decide to complement your cycle session with a yoga session, mats are laid out and waiting in the calming, candle-lit yoga room next door to the cycle studio.

Racing straight to the office straight after your workout? No worries – pre-order a smoothie you can grab on your way out or pick up one of the Nutrition Bar protein balls stocked by the studio.

In these little touches you can see the influence that the personalised customer service of New York’s boutique exercise studios has had on Ali’s concept for KX Cycle.

“Customer service is so personalised over there and the group exercise classes really make you feel that you are part of something.”

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