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    9 active date ideas

    From ice skating to walking, here are some ideas for a date that gets you both moving.

    Does your partner motivate you to work towards better health? 58% of Australian men and 33% of women say yes. Why not work on it together, by making your regular activities more active? Here are some ideas.

    1. Hiking

    Stretch out those legs and get invigorated in the great outdoors – hiking is the perfect blend of relaxing (think peace and quiet, lush natural scenery and breathtaking views) and physically active (think calves, glutes, quads and cardio.)

    2. Ice skating

    There’s something very nostalgic about ice skating, which makes it perfect for a fun and unique date. Hit up your local rink (like Melbourne’s Medibank Icehouse) and glide around the ice while your favourite cheesy songs play.

    3. Dancing

    Your options here are limitless. Whether you want to try a salsa class, dip into some ballroom, get moving to some local music or even just dance around your living room together, dancing is a fun mix of intimate and active.

    4. Bike riding

    Get on your bikes and go for a scenic ride. The rhythm of your legs pedalling can be almost meditative, and the feeling of being out in the fresh air is invigorating. You could also use it as an opportunity to go somewhere you haven’t been before – stop for a nice lunch, wander around a new place, and rest those legs before riding home.

    5. Swimming

    What’s more romantic and refreshing than going for a dip in the bay? Day or night, head down to the beach, feast on a healthy picnic and cool off in the water.

    6. Rock climbing

    Head to your local rock climbing centre and get your blood pumping as you set yourselves a challenge together. Rock climbing is fun and rewarding ­– and given that trust and support for one another are essential parts of the experience, it’s not a bad thing to share with your partner.

    7. Canoeing or kayaking

    Work those arms and remember – it’s all about teamwork! Getting out on the river is a great way to spend an afternoon together, and you can combine it with a delicious picnic lunch by the water.

    8. Trying something new

    What’s that one active adventure you’ve always wanted to try? Jet skiing? Parasailing? Stand-up paddle boarding? Give it a go! Check our your local tourism website – that’s often a good place to find what day tours and adventure companies are on offer near you.

    9. Moonlit walk on the beach…

    But seriously, walking on the beach is nice.

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