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    6 tennis Twitter accounts

    Follow these players and fans and you won’t miss a point.

    What happens on the tour stays on the tour right? Not necessarily. Keep up with the ins and outs of the fast-paced world of tennis by following these top tweeters.

    1. Judy Murray – @judmoo

    Scottish tennis coach Judy Murray is the mother of star players Andy and Jamie Murray. She is the captain of the British Fed Cup team and has a 90,000-plus strong community following her updates. From chats about fancy dress with Czech player Tomas Berdych to snaps from tennis tuition sessions with BBC film crews, it’s a packed agenda when you follow her.

    2. Greg Sharko – @sharkoTennis

    A true test for loyal fans of the game, Greg Sharko shares the facts. No colour or commentary – it’s a regular rundown of scores, news updates, statistics and birthdays, with over 16,000 people hanging on his every tweet. If it’s match point and you’re far from a TV, @sharkoTennis is one Twitter handle you’ll want to remember.

    3. Novak Djokovic – @DjokerNole

    You don’t have to limit your dose of the Joker’s humour to his press conferences and acceptance speeches. Join the 2.5 million people following Novak Djokovic on Twitter and keep up to date with his training, travelling and some very entertaining karaoke endeavours.

    4. Barry Flatman – @barry_flatmanST

    Tennis correspondent for The Sunday Times in theUK, Barry Flatman shares some astute observations on the game, current tournaments and insider news. He has close to 4,000 followers and has shared over 6,000 tweets relating to the great game. Follow him during major tournaments for his take on the day’s play.

    5. Victoria Azarenka – @vika7

    Following Belarusian tennis champ Victoria Azarenka on Twitter offers a real insight into her personality. From warm posts with her fans, to cool streetscapes she’s travelling on or meals she’s eating, she is open and engaging with her followers – all 377,000 of them.

    6. Grand Slam Girl – @grandslamgal

    Mel is a Melbourne-based tennis fan who did the fan slam in 2012 – Australian Open, French Open,Wimbledonand the US Open. She has shared over 20,000 tweets and shares updates on all things tennis. She also regularly shares tips and articles published on her blog, grandslamgal.com.

    For health and wellbeing advice follow @Medibank

    Who do you follow for the best tennis news? Let us know using #GenBetter

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