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6 reasons to ride this Ride2Work Day

Get on your bike for Ride2Work Day and see for yourself how cycling can boost your health.

Do you like the idea of riding your bike to work, but never get around to doing it? Or maybe you’ve never really considered cycling as a transport option, but you’re tired of sitting in traffic or being smushed on a crowded train.

Whether you love your bike or haven’t ridden in years, Ride2Work Day encourages you to get out there and give riding to work a go – and who knows? You might even like it enough to start doing it all year round.

Each year, Ride2Work Day celebrates riding as an active, eco-friendly and enjoyable way to travel to work. It encourages people who have never ridden to work to give it a try, and helps regular riders stay motivated and create a sense of community by getting their workmates involved.

The idea is to help move people from thinking about riding to actually doing it, and hopefully establishing a habit for more frequent riding to work. And it works – after last year’s event, 60% of new riders were still riding to work when surveyed five months later.

Health benefits of cycling

There are plenty of health benefits associated with regular riding. Here are some top reasons to get on your bike:

1. Cardio fitness

Cycling gives you good cardio workout, boosting your fitness, strengthening your heart muscles, lowering resting pulse and reducing blood fat levels.

2. Muscle strength

Many muscles are activated when you cycle, giving you a great whole-body conditioning workout. Stronger muscles also means you burn more calories at a resting state throughout the day – win!

3. Joint mobility

Because it’s low impact, cycling is great if you have any joint problems, and the circular motion helps transport energy to the cartilage, improving your joint health.

4. Posture and coordination

The movement of your legs activates your lower back muscles, which is good for your posture, and balancing your body weight helps your coordination.

5. Lowered body fat

Cycling raises your metabolic rate, builds muscle and burns body fat, helping you to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

6. Mental health

Exercise is a great way to lower stress levels and prevent or reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

(Source: Better Health Channel)

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