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    6 outdoor adventure essentials

    Tackle the terrain in style this winter with all the best outdoor gear.

    1. T2 Matcha tea

    There’s nothing like wrapping your mitts around a steaming cup of tea on a cold winter’s morning out in the wild. Swap the black leaves for T2’s fine, powdered green tea for a really restorative cuppa. Rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll and fibre, T2’s Matcha tea is the traditional blend used in Japanese tea ceremonies and offers a wonderful alternative to your usual brew. With properties that detox the body, lower anxiety, raise the metabolism, reduce gas and energise while offering a calming feel, it’s a toast to good health in every sip.


    2. Paddy Pallin camping gear

    Having the right camping swag can make or break a trip, especially when you’re battling the cold, wind and rain of the winter months. Paddy Pallin offers a touch of comfort and luxury to your outdoor adventure with its hardy range of tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, meal kits and fire starters.


    3. Salomon footwear

    Born in the French alps, Salomon certainly has the street cred when it comes to crafting gear for the great outdoors. Their new range of mountain and city trail runners offer a host of features to keep your feet snug and stable while venturing off road, plus some fab new colours ensure you’ll stand out. Sensiflex technology enables freedom and foothold and Salomon’s Sensifit technology cradles the foot from midsole to lace for comfort and stability.


    4. Suunto watches

    Move over Apple Watch – the latest groundbreaking product from Finnish manufacturer Suunto deserves its spot on any adventurer’s wrist. The Ambit3 is full of outdoor functions to help you orient, track and navigate your way through the wild. GPS technology, route navigation, accurate pace recordings and a heart rate monitor allow you the freedom to plan, live and breathe your explorations with confidence.


    5. Kathmandu outdoor gear

    Whether you’re trekking, cycling or hiking, arm yourself with the goods to ensure you stay as warm, dry and comfy as possible. Kathmandu’s been equipping adventurers for decades, and has built up a range that combines exceptional design and extreme performance, reflecting their extensive testing process.

    From their trail hiking boots to sturdy packs, range of jackets and trail shoes, they’ve got the goods for your adventure. Check out our picks of the top pieces of outdoor adventure gear this winter.


    6. Alter Eco treats

    Delectable delights from Alter Eco offer an indulgent little post-hike pick-me-up or after dinner treat during your wild winter adventures. Certified Organic, Fairtrade Certified, Carbon Neutral Certified and free from any genetically modified or gluten ingredients, they’re a little melt-in-your-mouth flavour hit – and they now come in three delicious new varieties. Pack your side pockets with a few sea salt and salted caramel chocolate truffles, crafted with signature Ecuadorian dark chocolate and coconut oil, or sit by the campfire with a square or two of their dark salted burnt caramel chocolate bar and savour its deep caramel crunch and tasty sprinkling of sea salt.


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