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    5 reasons to work on your sleep

    From weight management to happiness - here’s a handful of reasons you should work on your sleep.

    How do you wake up in the morning? A screaming alarm right next to your ear? A nudge from your partner? Your flatmate crashing around in the kitchen?

    The way you wake up can impact how rested you feel. If you are jolted out of a deep sleep cycle, you’re more likely to feel the need to hit snooze. And we all know how that ends…

    That’s where a silent alarm can be your friend. If you sleep with a Fitbit on your wrist, its sleep sensors can monitor your movements during the night, and gently vibrate to wake you in the morning, timed perfectly with your sleep cycles. Now that’s a much more pleasant start to the day.

    Here are the top five benefits of waking up feeling rested and bright.

    1. Feel happier

    Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can affect your whole day. Resilience will be down, which means snapping at workmates or those around you; while your energy levels will be so low that everything just feels like an effort. Being well rested is a good step to getting into a more positive mindset.

    2. Be more alert and focused

    It’s not rocket science – not getting enough sleep makes you clumsier and more prone to accidents. Plus, you need a refreshed mind to get you through whatever the day throws at you, whether it’s that big meeting at work, a complex repair job do to, or dinner with the in-laws.

    3. Feel less hungry 

    Sleep deprivation increases the hormone gherlin, which leads to an increased appetite. As your body is struggling overtime to stay alert and active, you also start storing body fat – so next time your sleep brain starts dreaming of a McMuffin en route to work, remember to schedule in an early night!

    4. Have the energy to exercise

    Digging deep in your energy levels to find the motivation to hit the gym after work when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep is a tough task. Sleep deprivation can also lead to weakness in muscles and blood flow, making strenuous exercise almost impossible. Wake up bright and energised and you might even feel excited to exercise.

    5. Enjoy clearer, healthier skin

    A lack of restful sleep time means your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. In excess amounts, cortisol can break down skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic. This can then lead to premature aging, breakouts, and dull and dry complexions – and those dark bags under your eyes after a sleepless night. Get some quality slumber and save yourself that facial appointment.

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