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    5 delicious new cookbooks

    These pretty and inspiring books are on our kitchen shelf this summer

    The Happy Cookbook by Lola Berry

    For Lola Berry, happiness starts with filling your body with fresh, nourishing wholefoods. In her latest book, the popular nutritionist shares some of her delicious healthy secrets, focusing on nutritionally dense foods, with no gluten, no wheat, and no refined sugar. Choose from a host of colourful smoothie recipes to get your day started out right, or try your hand at filling and flavourful recipes like pepita, kale and buckwheat salad, raw zucchini lasagne with sundried tomato pesto, chia pudding with granola and berries, and vanilla and blueberry oaty pikelets. Lola also discusses exercise and mindfulness for a holistic approach to good health.


    Supercharged Food: Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian by Lee Holmes

    Popular blogger Lee Holmes shares a new collection of light and colourful vegetarian recipes, packed full of supercharged goodness. This book is your answer to anyone who thinks vegetarian cooking is boring or bland – just try the “over the rainbow” salad with tahini and lemon dressing, the filling and fragrant eggplant and green bean curry, or the decadent (in taste, not content!) raw berry and chocolate torte. Lee also shares some healthy alternatives to comfort food classics, like her tasty muchos nachos – your new Friday night favourite. Learn about the nutritional properties of different vegetables and how to store them for maximum benefit, and pick up tips on shopping in season and the best veggie cooking methods.


    The Outback Chef by Jude Mayall

    For thousands of years, the indigenous people of Australia have been creating delicious food from the land, making excellent use of the many native spices, herbs, fruits and berries that grow in this country. So how can we bring some of this wisdom into our kitchens? In this beautiful cookbook, Jude Mayall shows us how to use traditional cooking methods to create bush tucker-inspired meals, from bushfood pizza, to coral trout cooked in paperbark with lemon myrtle, to delicious condiments like bush tomato and mountain pepper dip.


    Urban Harvest Cookbook

    We sure love a good urban garden, and this new cookbook from leading food rescue charity OzHarvest brings us delicious creations from some of the best. Urban Harvest features recipes from 50 of Australia’s favourite chefs, including Kylie Wong, Maggie Beer, Guillaume Brahimi, Matt Moran and Neil Perry. Celebrating home gardens, vertical garden walls, community gardens and chef’s kitchen gardens, this beautifully designed book shows how simple it can be to make enticing meals from fresh, home-grown ingredients. The book was put together by some of Australia’s best designers, food photographers and editors, who volunteered their time keep production free of cost, and all proceeds go directly towards helping OzHarvest deliver quality surplus food to vulnerable people all around Australia.


    The Greengrocer’s Diet by Judy Davie

    Judy Davie’s food philosophy is centred strongly around eating with the seasons. The book is divided into sections for spring, summer, autumn and winter, each with a list of the key seasonal fruits and veggies to focus on, a suggested meal plan, and a collection of recipes. A sample summer day? Start with a refreshing parsley, watermelon and mint smoothie, before filling up on a summer bircher muesli for breakfast, a tomato and basil pasta salad for lunch, and grilled chicken with creamy coleslaw for dinner. (And maybe snack on some coconut, cacao and cranberry balls and spicy roasted nuts…)



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