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12 inspiring travel blogs and Instagram accounts

Be taken along for the ride when you follow these globe trekking adventurers online.

Whether you’re discovering the unknown in a foreign city, spending time with your family on a beach or relaxing with close friends on a weekend getaway, travel feels pretty amazing. While the destination is a fundamental part, sometimes the lead-up and the planning can be just as fun. Let some of the following wanderlusts help inspire your travel adventures, and explore the local markets of Provence and the cool waters of New England alongside them.


On the road since 1997, travellers Caz and Craig and their two daughters document their adventures on their blog and social channels as a way to inspire and inform others. They’ve just set out on a one-year road trip around Australia, so tune in to follow where their journey takes them.


Wholesome food, travel explorations and daily musings are all beautifully photographed and shared by Emily Grundy, giving you an easy way to lose yourself for a time through the streets of Budapest and apartments in Brussels.


Adelaide local Nicole shares travel snaps from around the globe, from Canada to Italy to Iceland to back home in Australia. With plenty of great accompanying descriptions and documented meals and hotel stays, it’s a fun resource for anyone caught by the travel bug.


Fans of the evocative landscapes of New England should spend some time following photographer Karyn Kelly’s work on Instagram. From the region’s dappled sunlight to its perfectly still waters, the essence of this beautiful area is captured with insight and style.

Launched in 2008, The Provence Post is written by experienced travel writer Julie Mautner and is a rich resource on almost everything in the region. From local olive picking events to upcoming art shows to the best restaurants and markets to try, it’s a treat to explore.


Documentary photographer Theodore Kaye shares incredible images capturing the people, interactions and everyday moments of life in China and the Central Asian ‘stans. Taking you into living rooms in Tajikistan and wedding ceremonies in Uzbekistan, this Instagram account is a wonderful cultural eye-opener.

While Elaine, the blogger behind The Italian Dish, is based in Michigan, her Italian mother has inspired her love of cooking, and her seasonal recipes and beautiful photography and will transport you to the streets Naples. How delicious do these home-made gnocchi or this colourful radicchio risotto look?

Written by an American woman living and working in Florence, Girl in Florence shares an insider’s knowledge on local restaurants, upcoming events, places to shop, great trips outside the city and cheap bike rentals. Dive in and discover Florence through her eyes.


Animals in the African wild are the subjects of Brad Tully’s roving eye – a fantastic insight into what you can expect while planning your own safari adventure. The prowling beasts appear just metres from his lens and are observed in a natural, engaging way.

Globe-trekkers Elise and Anthony swapped the burden of a mortgage for a life of travel and have not looked back. They use their blog, Positive World Travel, to share their experiences and inspire others to see the endless possibility in the world.

Adventurer Dean Wickham is the blogger behind The Road To Anywhere, a platform focused on independent, cultural and adventure travel. Originally from Perth, he is in the thick of a 6-month journey through South East Asia.


An expat living in Sydney, Russel Ward writes about his journey to seek out a healthier and fuller way of living life. Sharing photos of his life on Sydney’s northern beaches, posting travel snaps from around Australia and pics from his time living in Canada, his images reflect his inspiration from the great outdoors.

Be taken along for the ride when you follow these globe trekking adventurers online.


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