Help and support

Private health insurance 101

Hospital and extras cover explained and the MLS, AGR and LHC in plain English.

Making claims

Everything you need to know about making claims.

Managing your cover online

Save time and do it online. Log in to your account to take care of the simple things whenever you need.

For providers

Information for medical practitioners on becoming a Medibank provider, participating in GapCover and more.


The nitty gritty on all medical terms and service descriptions for everything you can find on our products.

About your cover

Understanding your cover, what you can claim and more.

Going to hospital

Where you can go and things you should know before and after going to hospital.

Making changes to your cover

The nuts and bolts of being a Medibank member - how to pay, change your cover, add people and more.

Important information

Latest Coronavirus news and information on your cover.