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i hear better

Free hearing check-ups plus 20% off hearing devices.

Introducing HearBetter

We believe a better quality of life involves being able to take in all of life's little moments. That's why we've partnered with leaders in hearing health, AudioClinic and HEARINGLife, to ensure better hearing is more affordable. With HearBetter every Medibank member can book a free hearing check-up at any AudioClinic or HEARINGLife centre in Australia.

Book your free hearing check-up with our partners


With over 200 locations nationwide, there's a good chance there's an AudioClinic near you.


Over 70 years' experience helping Australians hear better, with 160 locations across Australia.

20% off new hearing devices, plus free fitting, maintenance and yearly consultations

If you've had a hearing device in the past, you'll know the costs can really add up over time. That's why HearBetter also provides great savings across a range of products, service and consultations.

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20% off any hearing device recommended by your assigned clinician.

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Free maintenance and battery replacement for 3 years~

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Free device aftercare consultations

Additionally, if your policy covers you for hearing devices, you could also claim up to your annual hear aid limit.* Click here to check if you're covered.

Hearing loss affects over 3 million Australians

We don't usually think twice about the health of our hearing, but consider these facts:

  • One in six Australians are affected by some degree of hearing loss.1
  • Hearing loss can get worse with age, affecting three in four by the age of 70 and over.2
  • Hearing losee can be gradual so some people may acclimatise to the change rather than realise they have a problem.

With hearing impairment affecting over 3 million Australians, hearing check-ups should be as routine as an eye test.3

Is your hearing as good as it used to be?

Spare a minute to ask yourself these questions - if you answer 'yes' to any of them, this free hearing check-up could end up being music to your ears.

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Do you have trouble following conversations in a noisy environment?

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Do others comment on how loud you have the TV or music on?

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Do you listen to headphones for long periods of time?

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Have you ever worked with heavy machinery or in a noisy workplace?

Book now and hear better

Take just 30 minutes to complete a free hearing check-up and you could experience a lifetime of better hearing.

Book now with:

* - Subject to waiting periods. Available up to hearing aid annual limit in the benefit year.

~ - Up to a maximum of 9 battery blister packs per annum. Maintenance and repairs are subject to manufacturer’s warranty and availability of spare parts.

1 - Access Economics, 2006. Listen hear: the econonic impact and cost of hearing loss in Australia. [online]. Available at:

2 - Australian Government Department of Health Research into Hearing Health as a part of the Hearing Services Program, issued 06/16.

3 - Australian Government Department of Health Research into Hearing Health as a part of the Hearing Services Program, issued 06/16.

HearBetter Terms and Conditions

1 - The ‘HearBetter’ offer is only available to Medibank members holding a current policy. Offer not available to members with Overseas Student Health Cover or ahm health insurance.

2 - The ‘HearBetter’ offer is available until 30 September 2018. Availability is subject to change at Medibank’s discretion and should such change occur, appropriate notification will be communicated directly to Medibank members and online at

3.- Free hearing check-up appointments are available only by appointment at Australian AudioClinic and HEARINGLife clinics only.

4 - Benefits for hearing aid purchases, under a Medibank health insurance policy which covers such devices, are subject to a 36 month waiting period and a 60 month benefit replacement period.

5 - A person is entitled to receive a 20% discount on a hearing aid supplied and fitted by a HEARINGLife or AudioClinic clinician if they present to HEARINGLife or AudioClinic, at the time of purchase, a valid Medibank membership card in their name and if such person is a financial Medibank member at that time.

6 - The ongoing maintenance and supply of replacement batteries from HEARINGLife or AudioClinic is for a maximum of 3 years. In relation to battery replacement, for each hearing aid there is a maximum of 9 blister packs (6 batteries per pack) per year. Maintenance and repairs are subject to manufacturer’s warranty and availability of spare parts.

7 - The aftercare consultations are available at HEARINGLife or AudioClinic clinics from the date of device purchase.

8 - This offer is made available at no additional cost to you (other than the purchase price of a hearing device if applicable). However, Medibank will receive a financial benefit in the event a Medibank member purchases a hearing device from HEARINGLife or AudioClinic.