Hospital insurance

An excess is the amount you pay before Medibank contributes to your hospital costs.
  • Ambulance cover
  • Accidents
Excess An excess is the amount you pay before Medibank contributes to your hospital costs.

Choosing a higher excess will lower your premium. An excess will apply to each adult member admitted to hospital per calendar year.

Hospital inclusions
Services we pay benefits for Treatments & Features Waiting periods Waiting periods explained Waiting periods are a length of time you need to wait after taking out your cover before you can claim or receive benefits covered by your policy. Waiting periods apply to new members or for new services, including if you're changing to a higher level of cover. If you're switching you will not need to re-serve waiting periods if you have already served your waiting periods and you change to a comparable or lower level of cover. If you change to a higher level of cover, we will recognise any waiting periods you have already served and pay benefits at your former lower level of cover until you serve the waiting periods for your higher level of cover. If you have only partially served your waiting periods on your former level of cover, you will need to serve the balance before you can claim at your former level of cover. A 12 month waiting period applies for all pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing condition A pre-existing condition is an ailment, illness or condition where signs or symptoms existed at any time during the six months before you either took out your new cover, or transferred to a higher level of cover. A 12-month waiting period applies for all pre-existing conditions. Call 134 190 to find out more.

Ambulance services

100% cover for immediate professional attention. Includes ambulance transportation to hospital when your medical condition means you can't be transported in any other way. Tasmania and Queensland have State schemes that cover ambulance services for residents of those States.

2 months


Palliative care

Health care that provides support to people with a life-limiting illness

2 months


Psychiatric treatment

Including diagnosed disorders or addiction requiring immediate hospital-based intervention

2 months


Rehabilitation treatment

Approved physical therapy and exercise programs, generally following an inpatient admission

2 months

Cover For Accidents

Covers which have services that are normally Restricted or Excluded will be treated as an Included service where treatment is required for injuries sustained in an Accident that occurs after joining this cover, provided that the treatment is on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Refer Cover Summary for full details.


Services not covered by this product:

  • Shoulder and knee reconstruction surgery & investigations
  • Appendicitis treatment
  • Removal of appendix
  • Removal of tonsils & adenoids
  • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth (for hospital charges only)
  • Colonoscopies & endoscopies
  • Heart-related medical and surgical admissions
  • Obstetrics-related services (eg. pregnancy)
  • Fertility treatment (eg. IVF & GIFT programs)
  • Major gynaecological surgery
  • Plastic & reconstructive surgery
  • Major eye surgery - including cataract & lens-related services
  • Hip & knee joint replacement surgery
  • Other joint replacement surgery
  • Renal dialysis
  • Vascular surgery
  • Nerve treatment
  • All other in-hospital services where a Medicare benefit is payable unless they are Restricted or Excluded.

Services not covered by Medicare:

  • Cosmetic treatments

Cover Summary

For further information on Accident Cover, please see the cover summary.


Cooling off period

If you're not completely happy with your cover in the first 30 days of joining, let us know and we'll transfer you to a more suitable cover or refund your premiums (as long as no claims have been made).

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