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The seated alarm

News — Posted 21/06/13

Researchers have come up with a way to remind us to regularly step away from our desks - a chair alarm!

With many studies indicating the negative health effects of prolonged sitting, researchers have developed a new office chair ‘sitting pad’ that sounds an alarm when the person sitting on the chair has been sitting too long.

The device was invented by researchers from the University of Queensland and contains sensors that can detect how long a person has been sitting. The sensors activate a light and an alarm after a specified period of time. The sitting person must then stand up and be away from the chair for a pre-set amount of time or the alarm will restart.

As long as people don’t get up to enjoy a chocolate biscuit every time the alarm goes off, the chair should provide good health benefits and a reminder to stand up, stretch, reset your posture and refill your water bottle.

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