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Have homewares, will travel

Lifestyle — Posted 16/10/14

Free-spirited artist and adventurer Kara Rosenlund finds inspiration in nature, travel and those around her.

Brisbane-born Kara Rosenlund has always had a keen aesthetic eye and found success early on as a photographer, shooting editorial and advertising campaigns and receiving her own solo show at the Sydney Opera House. Indulging her passion for interiors with a three-year stint in London, she turned to prop styling and travelled through Europe sourcing and buying goods.

Back in Australia, it’s a different kind of adventure that now fills her days, roaming around the countryside with her Travelling Wares caravan pop up, selling vintage pieces for the home. When we reached out to Kara she was deep in the Northern Territory, and took some time out to share a little about what keeps her enthused.

You live and work in such a visual world – where do you find your inspiration?

I honestly find my source of inspiration from nature, whether it’s the textures of the landscapes I encounter while travelling around Australia or the colour palettes of fauna and flora. Whenever I’m in doubt I always look to nature for inspiration. Nature is the best decorator, designer and stylist.

What wellbeing benefits come from surrounding yourself with nature-inspired images?

I think there is a sense of calm that originates from a primitive connection we have towards nature.

Three places you've visited on your travels where you felt at peace?

1. The east coast of Tasmania

2. Daylesford, Victoria

3. The Flinders Ranges, South Australia

You own a 1950s caravan and travel around selling vintage wares. How good for the spirit and soul is it to be on the road?

Being on the road and having an openness to life’s adventures is very soul enriching. It changes your attitude on so many levels, which is refreshing as it really simplifies everything, there aren’t any distractions, just a good old fashioned sense of adventure.

You’re following your dreams and doing what you love – what advice do you have for others hoping to do the same?

For me, I have always had a very deep and firm belief of what I wanted to do and achieve. If you have the desire within yourself to follow your heart, then you need to be honest with yourself and start to make small changes to enable those changes to grow into larger life changing ones.

What are the greatest influences on your life and work?

The greatest influences on my life and work would have to be my inner circle of loved ones: my husband, my mother and my father.

While you've been on the road discovering Australia, where is one place you believe everyone should visit?

Tasmania – it has such a raw beauty about it.

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