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G is for geothermal mud

be. A-Z Guide — Posted 31/07/13

We explain the health benefits of mud!

New Zealand is geologically placed on the Ring of Fire, an immense belt of volcanic and earthquake activity. The geothermal activity arising from its unique location produces the geothermal muds and waters at Rotorua, well known for their invigorating properties.

‘Hell’s Gate’ or ‘Tikitere’, as it is known is Maori, is Rotorua’s most active thermal park and the special qualities of its rippling black mud, steaming fumaroles and bubbling sulphur waters are much sought after.

Restorative properties of Hell’s Gate muds include:

• a very strong affinity to moisture in the skin, making it an excellent product for promoting skin cell regeneration

• the detoxifying and purifying action of the mud on the skin when drying

• highly active day surfaces of the mud that easily absorb excess oils and fatty secretions from within the skin’s pores.

• bactericidal properties of the mud through its sulphur content kills bacteria and assists in the prevention and elimination of acne.

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