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E is for eye health

be. A-Z Guide — Posted 31/07/13

Caring for your eyes with regular eye tests is an important way of maintaining your vision, identifying eye problems early and protecting your overall health.

Eye tests can reveal much more than just a need for glasses. Many general health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer can be detected through changes in your eye before you may be aware of any symptoms. Eye tests are recommended every two years, or more frequently in individual cases.

As well as booking in a regular test, it is important to care for your eyes in your daily life.

Here are a few eye care tips:

• Give up smoking – smokers are much more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration and cataracts

• Exercise – anything that is good for your body is good for your eyes and keeping moving is crucial

• Eat well – include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish in your diet

• Shade your eyes – never look directly at the sun and protect your eyes from its UV rays with a hat and dark glasses.

Visit your optometrist or GP if you are concerned with any aspect of your vision at any time.

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