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Billy Falkingham

Billy Falkingham

Editor, be. magazine
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Collective wisdom: Wellbeing

Features — Posted 16/06/14

We bring together our favourite expert advice on living a nourished, calm and fulfilling life.

Living a balanced life is about more than just eating well and staying active. Over the past seven issues of be. magazine, we've gathered together a wealth of ideas and information about happiness, relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, mental health and more. 

Here are some of the best pieces of wellbeing advice we've come across...

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

– George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright


“We should do what we can to make the people around us happy. Be encouraging. Be generous. Include your neighbour in your life. Laugh. Dance at the drop of a hat. Unlock your doors, turn off your television and go bee spotting in wet suits with someone you find irritating.”

– Shanaka Fernando, founder Lentil as Anything

(Read more about the power of generosity from Shanaka.)

“Too much TV is not good for you. Spending long periods of time watching television has been linked to increased risk of dementia, along with increased waistlines and shorter lifespan.”

– Professor Kaarin Antey

(Read more about brain health from Kaarin.)

“Look out for each other and stay connected by having regular and meaningful conversations. You don’t need to be an expert to help someone who may be struggling with life. Be ready to ask ‘are you ok’, listen without judgement, encourage action and make sure you follow up.”

– Janina Nearn, CEO R U OK? Day

(Read more about mental health from Janina.)

“Mindfulness meditation teaches us to bring awareness to the present moment inner activity of our minds and bodies so that we can fully experience our thoughts, sensations, emotions and automatic responses as they are happening.”

– Paul von Bergen, founder Billabong Retreat

(Read more about mindfulnes meditation from Paul.)

“Know what keeps you well. There are many steps you can take to maintain or improve your mental health.”

– Kate Carnell, former CEO beyondblue

(Read more mental health tips from Kate.)

AGELESS principles

There are many simple opportunities for slow aging. In common to them all are seven AGELESS principles:

1. Be Aware and engaged in your choices.
2. Have clear and realistic Goals.
3. Accent the positive, Eliminate the negative.
4. Make choices that are sustainable for the Long term.
5. Don’t be Exclusive. There is never only one answer.
6. Support is out there. Get help.
7. Be Selective. Do what’s right for you One size never fits all.

– Merlin Thomas, physician

(Read more about the benefits of slowing down.)

“It’s about relationships, joy, love, career, spirituality, sunshine, getting enough water, eating the right food and taking that holistic approach as opposed to focusing on one or two things.”

– Rachael Finch, media personality

(Read more wellbeing tips from Rachael.)

“The groundwork of all happiness is health.”

– James Leigh Hunt, English writer

 For more healthy inspiration, check out the other articles in our Collective Wisdom feature.

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