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Amazing eye facts

Stories — Posted 30/05/13

Optometrists Association Australia provides amazing eye facts and reasons why you should visit an optometrist.

5 interesting facts about your eyes:

•Your eyes are made up of more than 2 million working parts

•The human eye will focus on about 50 things per second

•Your eyes actually ‘see’ images upside down and then they send these images to the brain where they are flipped around correctly for us

•The human eye can distinguish about 2.7 million different colours and 500 shades of grey

•The human eye can process 36 000 pieces of information every hour

Reasons to see your optometrist:

•You’ve never had an eye test

•You want your eyes checked as part of your regular health checkup

•You have noticed a change in your eyesight over time: perhaps you can no longer read the things you used to be able to see easily

•You think you might need glasses or that your glasses might need changing

•You want to find out about contact lenses

•You have had a sudden change in your eyesight, like blurred vision, or the complete or partial loss of sight in an eye

•You’ve had an injury to your eye

•You’ve got itchy, red, or swollen eyes that could indicate an infection or allergy

•You have discovered a family history of eye disease

•You have been diagnosed with Diabetes.

•Your child is complaining about, or showing signs of, a vision problem

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