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5 summer travel products

Reviews — Posted 04/12/14

Whether it’s staying hydrated, refreshing swims in the ocean or capturing the journey on camera, summer adventures are made even better with these gadgets and products.

Nikon S9700

This nifty point and shoot from Nikon has a powerful zoom, so you’ll never miss those colourful rosellas peeking out behind a branch, and it’s lightweight and compact enough to carry on hikes and bike rides. GPS-functionality allows your location to be linked to your photos and plotted on a world map, and wireless capability means you can be firing off those shots to your smartphone and out into the world in real-time.

LifeStraw GO

Whether you’re bush-bashing or out fishing, never be without clean water with LifeStraw GO, a refillable water bottle with a unique, in-built purification system. Fill it up when you come across a water source and sip clean, filtered water through the mouthpiece. The bottle carries 650mL of water.

Powermonkey Explorer Solar Charger

Channel the sun’s energy into this solar-powered device – it’s an efficient way to keep your gadgets charged while out in the wilderness. This gem, available at Paddy Pallin, is worth the space in the rucksack and is a useful spare charger when you’re back on home base.

Speedo swimwear

Carve through rivers, lakes and oceans in comfort this summer with our picks from Speedo’s latest collection. Bold, bright and full of fun, this gear will take you from swimming laps to sand-castle building in effortless style.


Summer is the perfect season to focus on health and wellbeing with beautiful weather and a natural inclination to be outdoors. Take small steps to better health by wearing an activity tracker to start monitoring your movements, providing a benchmark for your health goals.

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