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“I saw something a while ago, so I might misquote it, but it was a Louis CK skit. There's a line in it that really stuck with me, which was, “Everyone has everything and no one’s happy”. I think to a certain extent, that's the case. I find people that seem to have a more simplistic lifestyle seem to be happier.

“I don't think anyone could say that every day they spring out of bed full of beans. I guess it's a matter of figuring out how many off days you're having versus how many days you're feeling on top of your game. When me and my friends speak about the general happiness of our lives we speak about the three spheres. You've got your social life, your work life and your home and family – and you never really seem to be killing it on all fronts. At most we normally have two of the spheres really nailed.”

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