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Top 13 for 2013

News — Posted 18/12/13

The 13 most popular health and wellbeing articles on for 2013.

1. Super-foods! 

Professor David Cameron-Smith's article about green vegetables was this year's most popular article.

2. Exceptional ageing 

Professor David Cameron-Smith also took out second place with his article about living well.

3. Mindfulness at work 

Dr. Stephen McKenzie's five tips for mindfulness at work was a winner.

4. Silverbeet, chickpea and ricotta rolls 

This delicious treat was the number one recipe fthis year, but our cherry recipes will be making a fast finish to 2013!

5. Use it or lose it! 

Dementia is and will continue to be a huge health topic. Professor Kaarin Anstey's article about brain health rounds out the top five.

6. Eliminating exercise excuses 

If you're tempted to hit the snooze button when your alarm clock goes off, read this article!

7. Healthy tacos

With Mexican food all the rage, Alicia's healthy fish tacos were a popular recipe in 2013.

8. Prevent type-2 diabetes 

With rates of type-2 diabetes on the rise, Associate Professor Tim Crowe's article was useful information for many.

9. Mythbusting obesity 

Another fantastic article by Associate Professor Tim Crowe debunking obesity myths makes it in to the top 10.

10. The perfect sandwich

With help form the Dietitians Association of Australia we asked five dietitians to serve up their perfect sandwich.

11. Powerful proteins 

Not just for gym-junkies! Professor David Cameron-Smith outlines the crucial role protein plays in a healthy diet.

12.Ash Hart's health shelf 

The items of model and yoga instructor Ash Hart's shelf made for popular reading.

13. Big hearted Clare Bowditch 

People love watching her and listening to her - and it seems people also love reading about Clare and Smiling Mind.

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