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Super-sized soda ban in New York

News — Posted 19/11/12

New legislation bans super-sized soft drinks in NYC.

The Big Apple is renowned for having the biggest and the best of everything. But after the recent introduction of legislation banning oversized soft drinks at restaurants, street carts and movie theatres, New York will no longer have the biggest soft drinks. Many locations in New York sell 32-ounce soft drinks (960mls) and some locations sell 55-ounce soft drinks – a staggering 1650mls. Seeking to reduce growing obesity rates, the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes ‘it is the single biggest step, any city, has ever taken to curb obesity’.  Not everyone supports the new legislation and an advertising campaign by the soda industry stressed that policy would restrict consumers’ freedom to buy beverages as they see fit. Michael Bloomberg has a history of introducing public health policies including bans on smoking in bars and parks and the inclusion of the calorie counts on menus in chain restaurants.

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