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Reviews — Posted 05/10/12

To help you navigate through the sea of emerging health products, Medibank Members Nathan and Marcele road test The Muesli and share their insight into how it might be beneficial for you.


The Muesli RRP $16.50 (450 grams)

How did you use the product?

Nathan: I ate the muesli for breakfast with low fat strawberry yoghurt, a small amount of low fat milk, peanut butter and a banana.

Marcele: I ate the muesli for breakfast with a good spoonful of low fat Greek-style natural yoghurt, a splash of non-fat milk and a handful of cherries.

What did you like about it?

Nathan: It seriously fills you up! I have tried other muesli - but this one leaves you feeling fuller, longer. I liked the mix of ingredients it contained - you kind of feel healthy eating it.

Marcele: As soon as you pour it into the bowl, you get a sense that it's super natural. It's crammed with pumpkin seeds, good-sized chunks of almonds, large flakes of coconut and sesame seeds.

Did it contribute to better health?

Nathan: Yes, it stopped me snacking during the morning as well as being a good snack after the gym in a smoothie.

Marcele: Yes, I usually take some dried apricots or mixed nuts to work as a mid-morning snack, but I didn't need to bring them out as I wasn't feeling hungry when I normally do.

Any tips to people who use this product?

Nathan: For me, I found it a bit bland by itself - so my tip is to try mixing it up with different things, and to check out the great serving suggestion on the pack and online.

Marcele: I would suggest using grated fruit if you're going to try the muesli straight up, as it will give you a bit more natural sweetness in each mouthful.

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