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Sharon Curtain

Sharon Curtain

Accredited Practising Dietitian
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Easy gluten swaps

be. Gluten Guide — Posted 27/07/15

Following a gluten-free diet doesn't have to be dull and tasteless. Here are some easy swaps for your favourite foods.


▪ Choose from the many gluten-free mueslis in the health food aisle or make your own using rice, quinoa and millet flakes with dried cranberries, shredded coconut and pistachios. 

▪ Missing your traditional bircher muesli? Try soaking chia seeds overnight in some almond milk, cinnamon and grated apple/berries.


▪ Swap your sandwich for a gluten free wrap or try using rice paper rolls with chicken, thinly sliced vegetables, mint and chilli.


▪ Swap normal pasta for gluten-free pasta. The secret is to not overcook it - if you do it becomes mushy.

▪ Substitute couscous for cooked quinoa using a gluten-free chicken stock.

▪ Make your own pizza bases using a gluten-free wrap (for a thin base alternative) or gluten-free bread mixture.


▪ Swap dips and water crackers for gluten-free dip, rice crackers and vegetable sticks.

▪ Swap flavoured for unflavoured plain popcorn, potato chips and corn chips are all gluten free.

▪ Crunchy roasted chickpeas with Moroccan spices are the perfect high protein alternative to regular potato crisps.

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