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Simon Turner

Simon Turner

Head Chef, Il Fornaio
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Carrot and miso dressing recipe

Lifestyle — Posted 25/03/15

A delightful salad dressing from Il Fornaio, blending the salty flavours of miso with the sweetness of orange blossom.

Why miso?

Miso is an original and ultimate pro-biotic. Carrot and ginger are pre-biotics that activate pro-biotics. Ginger and carrot balance out the sour flavours of miso. 

Miso is full of all essential amino acids, stimulates digestion, restores pro-biotics, aids digestion, is an excellent sources of B vitamins, strengthens blood quality, strengthens immune system, and is high in antioxidants.


2 carrots

2 tablespoons grapeseed oil

2.5cm ginger root

¼ cup rice vinegar

3 tablespoons white miso

3 teaspoons sugar (raw is best)

½ teaspoon xantham (approx.)

Orange blossom water, or orange juice to flavour


1. Cold press carrot, ginger, vinegar and oils to extract juice.

2. Gently whisk in miso.

3. Season with carrot juice, extra ginger, sugar and orange blossom/juice to make as sweet or as bitter as required (to taste). In order to stabilise sauce and stop sauce splitting, we whisk in about ½ teaspoon xantham gum at room temperature.

Use sparingly with other salad dressings to bring out the natural salts and sugars of chosen vegetables.

This recipe works best with leafy, springtime greens, and very lightly pickled vegetables.

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