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X is for extra exercise

be. A-Z Guide — Posted 31/07/13

Every little bit of activity you incorporate into your day will lower the risk of developing many chronic diseases, help lift your mood, and keep bones and muscles going strong into older age.

For someone trying to prevent extra weight gain or hold onto hard-fought weight loss, previous guidelines of 30 minutes a day on most days of the week are now not considered enough – aim for double that to around 60 minutes.

This winter, before you crank up the heating, jump into some exercise gear and go for a brisk walk, grab the skipping rope for some rigorous jumping or think about heading to a yoga class for some strengthening and stretching.

Include friends or family members in your exercise routine, so it feels less like a chore and becomes a fun way to spend time with people. Signing up for a fun run event is a great way to set yourself a goal to work towards or joining a bike group can make extra exercise have added social benefits.

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