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Music helps you work out harder – fact

News — Posted 09/01/14

Laces tied up, legs stretched out and iPod full of music – for most of us those are the workout essentials, and science says there's a reason.

It’s a no-brainer that listening to music helps to stop you from getting bored while you exercise, but new research suggests moving to the beat that it can actually make physical exertion less exhausting, probably because of improved muscle coordination.

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences developed a series of tests using three different fitness machines, where participants either had no music, were passively listening to music, or were using machines that would play music only when they started moving.

The insights they gleaned from participants’ metabolic data and self-assessment suggests that the strain of exertion feels lower when listening to music – and lower still when actively “creating” the music. So pack your music player full of your favourite tracks and get out there!  

If you are looking for some music inspiration check out our list to power up your playlist!

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