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How strong muscles improve your health

News — Posted 25/06/14

Don’t skip your strength exercises – keeping your muscles in good condition can benefit your health in a number of ways, new research is increasingly finding.

The latest studies show the reason is that when we exercise our muscles, they release hormone-like chemicals called myokines that have a great influence on every system of the body.

"Doing aerobic exercise and ignoring strength exercises is like remembering to change the oil in the car but ignoring the transmission fluid," says Rob Newton, Foundation Professor of Exercise and Sports Science at Edith Cowan University.

Myokines can help reduce the low-level inflammation in the body that is thought to contribute to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's, as well as producing a surge of hormones that help sharpen thinking and memories.Some studies suggest that myokines may also play a role in preventing some types of cancer.

Inspired to strengthen up? Check out our guide to upping your exercise routine, or try this simple, whole-body workout with fitness instructor Hayley Roper.

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