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Four reasons to join the fun run community

be. Running Guide — Posted 30/09/13

Part social, part fitness and usually geared towards promoting a charitable cause, signing up can add an edge to your training and introduce you to an incredibly active side of the running community. Here are four reasons why you should consider signing up.

1. Motivation

Once you’ve registered, promoted to your friends what you’re doing and, if you’re getting sponsored, set up your fundraising page, you will be committed to see it through. Lots of us need goals to keep focused and fun runs offer a great workout motivator with the dual benefit of supporting a cause and helping you on the path to better health.

2. Fun

Fun runs really are a lot of fun. If you have trained adequately for your chosen distance, the atmosphere of the event, the thrill of the starting gun as everyone shuffles forward and the energy of supporters is electric. Fun runs are a world away from solo training runs and it is wonderful to experience a shared love of running with so many others.

3. Social

Signing up to a fun run with friends or family members is a great way to spend more time together throughout your training and on event day. Encouraging and inspiring each another, you start running for more reasons than your own and become more motivated to see it through - and have fun along the way!

Alternatively, fun runs unite people with a shared interest and are an excellent way to meet like-minded jogging fans. Many large fun runs offer free weekly training programs in the lead up to the event - think about joining one of these and get to know some of your fellow fun runners.

4. Fitness

Everyone knows the spark of exercise can dull if you don’t keep things interesting and varied. Signing up for a fun run, particularly if you choose a challenging distance, will reinvigorate your training and help you pick up the pace on your regular jog. Pair your new goal with an updated song playlist, map out a few new training courses and start feeling invigorated!

Here are some events around Australia putting the ‘fun’ into fun run

Sweat vs Steam, October 2013 – race a 150-year-old paddle steamer along the banks of the Murray River, Echuca.

The Great Train Race, May 2014 – compete against the steam locomotive Puffing Billy in this 13.2km run through the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria.

The Color Run, Oct/Nov 2013 – held throughout Australia, participants wear white at the start line and get doused with different paint colors at each kilometre of the 5km event.

Variety Santa fun run, December 2013 – become a ‘Claus for a cause’ and raise money for Aussie kids in need. With events across Australian cities, your Santa suit is included in your registration.

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