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Imagine you get to run the world for a day - what would you change? We asked people what they thought would make the world a better, kinder, happier place. These are some of the ideas we heard. 



The things we’re proud of tell us a lot about what it means to be human. From feeling strong and healthy, to bringing children into the world, to something as simple as maintaining friendships over the years, it’s these everyday things that give us a sense of achievement and meaning, making us feel good about ourselves and the world around us. Here’s what we learned from the colourful crowds of Melbourne.


Music, travel, friends, family, love, cheese… the things that make us happy come in all different forms. We headed to eclectic, beachside St Kilda to find out what things, people and experiences really bring happiness into people’s lives. From spending time with loved ones, to getting out into nature, to appreciating the beauty of the city, here are some of the stories we heard.  

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