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Welcome to the be. papers, full of inspiring stories based around the feelings that connect us to one another. 

The be. papers are a photo-driven series centred on the feelings and concepts that connect us to one another, and to ourselves, in a positive way. We want all different people to pick up this newspaper and feel uplifted, sharing in people’s experiences and discovering new ideas. Leaf through, and be inspired to make the world that little bit better, in your own small way.

The first be. paper is all about kindness. We take a peek at how real people are acting on kindness in some part of their life – work, play, or home. These personal stories tie in with informative pieces that showcase how being kind affects your wellbeing, strengthens relationships, crosses barriers and brings more harmony and peace into the community as a whole. 

Where can I find a printed copy?

The be. papers are free to read. Printed copies can be found in select cafes nationally. To read all the articles online, you can subscribe to the digital version.

What else can I expect from the be. papers?

Keep an eye on this space (or better yet, subscribe for updates) and find out! Future issues will explore different concepts, feelings and ideas that link us as human beings – from kindness and compassion, to love and humour, to the nature of community. 

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