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Illustrated Guides

Welcome to the be. illustrated guides, a series that weaves together art and science to explore all the weird and wonderful things about health and wellbeing.

The be. illustrated guides bring you a rich and colourful introduction to different aspects of our health and wellbeing. Choose your topic of interest and embark on an illustrated journey, from practical info and quirky facts, to heart-warming true stories. Get a new perspective on the human body, and all the things that ail us and nourish us – then pass it on to your friends.

Take the human heart. In our first issue, we give you an peek at the inner workings of your chambers and arteries, taking you on a tour of the heart’s vital role in our lives. From keeping people alive with heart surgery, to the link between our feeling hearts and thinking minds, to comparing the hearts of humans and elephants, we take an unusual look at the most iconic symbol of all time.

Where can I find a printed copy?

The be. illustrated guides are free to read. Printed copies can be found in select cafes nationally. To read all the articles online, you can subscribe to the digital version.

What else can I expect from the be. illustrated guides?

Keep an eye on this space (or better yet, subscribe for updates) and find out! Future issues will explore all different weird and wonderful things about the human body, and all the things that plague us, nourish us, and keep us ticking along. 

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