Collective wisdom: Exercise

Our favourite insights on all things exercise, fitness and making active living a part of every day.

We’ve learned a lot about active living over the last seven issues of be. magazine. Whether its advice from top athletes on reaching your personal best, or simply stories from everyday people who are taking small steps to better health, there is no shortage of inspiration to be taken from the people around us.

Here are some of the top gems of wisdom we’ve found…

“If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

– Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike

“Commit to daily exercise, share it with someone so that it becomes easier to achieve. Build a routine and schedule to help make exercise a regular activity. Decide to make health your cause and your responsibility. Live for better health and make it a part of your thinking every day.”

– George Savvides, Managing Director Medibank

Top five tips for a recreational runner

1. Address any concerns regarding injury as early as possible.
2. Focus on quality with technique when it comes to training, exercises, stretching, drills.
3. Take a preventative approach – identify and work on your own susceptible areas such as weak or tight muscle groups.
4. Establish rapport with a health care professional whom you can trust.
5. Keep a record of your training and how your body feels – it only needs to be brief.

– Jess Trengove, Olympic marathon runner

“Make time for yourself to be active, even if it’s only five or ten minutes. I know there are days when you just can’t be bothered – so just do an activity that’s not too hard. There will be other days when you feel really good and you can train hard.”

– Anthony Koutoufides, former AFL footballer

“I want to be the best mother I can. I decided to lose a considerable amount of weight after having my kids, around 30 kg, so that I could run around after them and keep up with them and feel good! I also decided to prioritise exercise for the same reason.”

– Katie Noonan, Australian singer-songwriter

“Reduce the race down into small parts and trick your mind into thinking in short time all the time. Get to that goal, then set the next goal.”

– Courtney Atkinson, triathlete and Ironman

“When you run on the trails, it is a time for escaping the ‘thought-life’ and actually living as a ‘feeling’ being – one where we actually live in the moment, in every step.”

– Matt Cooper, trail runner

“When training for your first triathlon acknowledge that there’s a process that will take time. Set small goals that lead towards a major aim and enjoy the processes involved in achieving those goals.”

– Brendan Sexton, triathlete

“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.”

– Edward Smith-Stanley, Earl of Derby (1799 – 1869)

“Having a friend along to enjoy the activity you’re doing is a good way to help you see it as a pleasure not a chore. It can then become a real part of your life rather than something you have to do.”

– Ellyse Perry, Australian sportswoman

“For my kids, they will realise through their childhood that as adults they’re supposed to exercise because they’ve seen me and my husband do it. I think parents, in terms of influencing, play a huge role.”

– Nicole Livingstone, retired Olympic swimmer

“Swimming is probably my main exercise, you just sort of put your head under the water and all you’re thinking about is breathing…everything else kind of goes away for a while.”

– Paul Dempsey, Something for Kate lead singer

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