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Banjo’s story

A real life account of a brave little dog and Medibank Pet Insurance customer – as told by Kim Doherty

“It is with delight that I share with you my story about our beloved dog, Banjo and Medibank Pet Insurance. When I told my husband I had taken out the 'Silver Paw' Medibank Pet Insurance cover on Banjo, he scoffed at the notion....little did he know what was to lie ahead.

Sadly tragedy struck, with Banjo suffering a serious injury requiring ongoing vet treatment and care and I envisaged loads of red tape and problems in claiming for his injuries. As if the stress of nursing him back to health wasn’t daunting enough, the worry of how, if and when his insurance would be paid added to my stress.

You can imagine then how wonderful it was to receive payment from Medibank Pet Insurance within 2 weeks of sending in our claim and the continuing diligence that Medibank Pet Insurance continued to show in swift reimbursement of subsequent claims.

Getting Banjo back to health has been a harrowing and long road, littered with unforeseen obstacles, heartache and tears. However along with his Vet (Denise), our care and the prompt payment of his claims by Medibank Pet Insurance, I am glad to tell you Banjo has arrived at a point where he has been restored to his former self albeit minus an eye (but not for the want of trying to save it).

He will require ongoing check-ups every 6 months but, the good news is our 'Silver Paw' cover means we don’t have to worry about expensive vet bills so that we can focus on Banjo’s recovery.

On behalf of Banjo and my family we would like to recommend to all pet owners the benefits of taking out Medibank Pet Insurance and I can tell you that my husband is no longer scoffing! I would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to Medibank Pet Insurance for providing this level of cover and for the high standard of customer service. They have been a God Send.

Banjo is a 3½ year old toy poodle with curious and inquisitive nature. At 6 months old he attempted to eat a cane toad which resulted in him nearly losing his life.3 years later his curiosity saw him struck with a 3 prong garden hoe and survive, although sadly he lost his eye, but not his boundless energy, loving nature or spirit.

Testimonial provided by Kim Doherty, Medibank Pet Insurance customer and owner of Banjo

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